Card Templates

There was time when we used to buy cards from the shop one different occasion and send them to our loves ones but now time has changed and we are relying more and more on the electronic means for this purpose. Using email to send beautiful animated electronic cards is relatively cheaper and also speed of transfer is amazing in seconds. But in this all we have forgot a very basic point that more smarter and cheaper is the way of sending card less likely it is that it will be forogotton easily. When we receive electronic card then we normally don’t care to print it and therefore it’s lost in our collection of emails just like an ordinary email.

To re-introduce the concept of event and invitation cards we have started this site to offer ready to use card templates so that you can personalize them to your specific demand and need. All the graphic and technical work is done in it and you just have to download it into your PC and then have to make necessary changes in it to to make your own very unique one. Just imagein how much recipient will be happy when they will find out that you have send them a physical card with specific name and details of them. I think they will find it a best way to congratulate, greet them and most importantly to remember them.

These card templates are free and for every possible event and holiday. Right now may be you will not find some of them but rememeber that we are continuously updating this site so may be in your next visit you will find your required card template here. These card template are free for private non-commercial use only. You can not sell or distribute them without our prior permission.

We have tried to include cards for every type of event. Whether its for birthday party, anniversary function or its just business visiting card, you will find all type of card templates here free of cost. You can use these templates as it is but its better if you can make minor changes in the design of these templates so that you can make it your very own and unique one. We hope that you will like these templates very much. Here are some of our most liked templates: