Name Card Template

This Name Card Template can be used for various purposes including the most common use of making visiting card of your name. There is place dedicated for the logo of your company or business if you want to make it more personalized. One more use of this name card template is that you can use this for naming persons at some event for authorization purpose. Only the person with the name of specific card should be allowed to visit and in this way it can also be added to a secutiry feature of your event.

Here is a preview of this name card template.

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When it comes to a business transactions a business card play a vital role in building a business relationship. Also exchange of cards between people is considered to be more personal in developing personal relationship between two people. For people who have website as well as the Face Book Twitter account business cards help to communicate these points of the contacts to the prospective as well as existing clients. Business cards are the right sources for searching the email IDs and other social networking websites. Also these business cards carry the identity of the person with the company logo from which one can evaluate the credibility of the individuals who carry the business cards. More than the mere company’s ID card, a business card is well respected by the society in general.